Hi blog friends,

This is the first post of my new blog.  I am not a huge fan of blogging, so you shouldn’t expect much here.  I am however very interested in 1. having a forum for my creative work and 2. replacing my relationship with Facebook.  Facebook is a horrible disgusting monster who takes advantage of people’s trust via anticipated ignorance, so despite much time and dedication spent in building a wonderful virtual avatar personality for myself over the past few years, I have decided to delete all meaningful content and use the FB solely as a communication/promotional platform.  Though I fear that this is step one in FB becoming irrelevant (ha! I think that me leaving FB makes it irrelevant!)– as people who do such a thing and instead use the FB as shameless promotion of events/needs are the reason that it will become lame/not interesting– I am happy for it.

So cheers!  Here’s to making FB irrelevant!

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