Motion Pictures

I love movies. Here are some recommendations…

Recently viewed and worth watching. This list is regularly updated.

Videodrome (Cronenberg)
Until the Light Takes Us (Aites, Ewell)
Ballerina (Normand)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Herzog)
The Obscure Object of Desire (Buñuel)
The Artist (Hazanavicius)
Melancholia (Von Trier)
Bill Cunningham New York (Press)
Exit Through the Giftshop (Banksy)
Los abrazos rotos (Almodovar)
Never Let Me Go (Romanek)
The Kids Are All Right (Cholodenko)
No Such Thing (Hartley)
Days of Heaven (Malick)
The Kid Stays in the Picture
I am Love (Guadagnino)
Somewhere (Coppola)
Breakin’ (Silberg)
Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Schulman (Bricker)
Sans Soleil (Marker)
Felicia’s Journey (Egoyan)
Merci pour le chocolat (Chabrol)
Babies (Balmes)
The Botany of Desire (Schwarz)
The End of the Affair (Jordan)
Bright Star (Campion)
Cache (Haneke)
After the Wedding (Bier)
M Butterfly (Cronenberg)
Cleo From 5-7 (Varda)
Let the Right One In (Alfredson)
Boyfriends and Girlfriends (Rohmer)
Matchpoint (Allen)
The Hurt Locker (Bigelow)

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  1. Me!! says:

    Elizabeth! this list is awesome.

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