Desert Ruins in Soda Springs

Zzyzx, home of the Cal State Desert Studies Center was once a resort run by an evangelical rogue “medicine man”.  After being confiscated by the federal government in 1974 and re-purposed as a research center, the property now remains in half ruin, with many structures abandoned and left to the elements.


Though the trees that line the campus are not in ruin, their decorative and tropical nature adds a strange element of surreal overgrowth to the site.  It is as though the place were frozen in time, with half of the elements thriving and the other half going into decline.

An eerie postcard

Bath house window panes frame an outdoor experience for us that we can experience outdoors. The frames help to comprehend and notice details in an otherwise vast and indiscernible space.

Dust swirls on the lake bed, ultimately destined for Kelso Dunes

As usual, I thought all the dead plants were very beautiful.

Even desert plants win over man made structures

Weathering from the lake's minerals has beautiful effects on the interiors

Desert plants embrace the old bath house

Soda covers the lake bed like snow

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